AcroYoga & Handstand Workshop November

Where: Jubilee Hall, Covent Garden
When: Sat 18th November 5-7pm
What: AcroYoga & Handstands Workshop
Price: £40
To book:

AcroYogaDance is a partner yoga practice which evolves into a moving meditation. AcroYogaDance is an art form, something wonderful not only the partners practicing it but also to those who witness it.

What to expect:
You will be introduced to the Art of AcroYoga. Learning some of the fundamentals that will allow you to then practice solid foundations which will enable you to eventually transition through with ease, creating what we know as AcroYogaDance.

You will learn an overview of a solid base of a handstand safely and efficiently. Some of the topics covered are: physical and technical preparation for handstand, correct handstand alignment, balance strategies, spotting and verbal cues

It doesn’t matter if you cant do a handstand yourself or if you have fear of inversions. We will give you some essential tools on how to overcome any fears (or acknowledge your fear). No matter what your experience or level of ability, we promise you’ll leave having done something to amaze yourself that you really didn’t think you were capable of.

The training will cover:
-Foundations to AcroYoga
– The power of communication & cues
– Acknowledging and working with fear
– Introduction to Hand to Hand