This Programme is unique and very different in its structure, content and methodology to other teacher trainings. Our focus is giving you the best tools and learning strategies to develop your own practice to the best of your ability as well as well as inspire those you teach to do the same. 

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Eugene Vegan Butcher

Pip Elysium

This Programme works around the AcroYogaDance syllabus. We refine the art and understanding of AcroYogaDance with consistent practice. All AcroYogaDance students progress through a tiered syllabus with beginners first progressing to level 1. The syllabus is designed to develop both your Teaching skills and practice in a structured progressive manner.

We are here to support your progression through these first 10 levels. Each level is critiqued by the AcroYogaDance Team before you progress to the next. Once completing a level, your videos will need to be submitted online to be assessed, or occasionally you may get the chance to attend a grading event live in London, mainly because it will be more fun to do it that way. But if its not an option you will be able to progress from home by watching and completing the requirements at each level of the syllabus.

The TT programme itself will be hosted at Jubilee Hall, Covent Garden once a month for a whole weekend of 11 hours with Flexibility in case full attendance is difficult. If you are unable to attend a given TT weekend there will have the chance to replace later in the year (please notify the date you are unable to attend). There are options to catch up contact hours through our London classes & public workshops/trainings, this must be clearly stated especially if it is contact or assisting hours.

You will be given the opportunity to Assist at Workshops, this may be 3 Hour, 11 Hour, 30 Hour or 50 Hour Trainings. This is the most effective way of learning the ropes, with the opportunity to demo what you know in a non pressure environment. If should a training comes up outside of the UK, sadly we cannot include flights, food or accommodation in the price of the Teacher Training.

AcroYogaDance loves bringing beautiful and elegant transitions, making them simple so that with practice can evolve into stunning sequences which eventually will feel like a dance. 

We want to give you the tools to walk away feeling confident in your own practice as well as being competent on how to coach others and run structured classes.

Repetition is the mother of skill which will enable you to feel the movement and automatically respond to your partner with fluidity and grace.

We hope this answers the majority of your questions. We are also here to answer any further questions. Please save this link or print out for easy reference as
questions arise.

Common Questions:


What if I miss a weekend?

Although we encourage you to attend as much as you can, there are options to catch up contact hours through our London classes & public workshops/trainings, this must be clearly stated if it is contact or assisting hours.


What If do not complete one of the levels?

For re-submission of a video to be assessed, will cost £80 per assessment.


What if time runs out and I have not done the hours?

If should time runs out and you have not completed your hours of contact or assisting, the cost will be £182 per month for 6 months only after the training March 2018. Sadly we do not freeze the training and will not be able to accept further hours after the 6 month period.


What happens after the training?

After the training you will be known as a Certified AcroYogaDance Teacher. This means you are Yoga Alliance Professionals Accredited and approved to teach in Yoga Studios, Gyms and Schools (Must be CRB with any school) Same as a Yoga Teacher, you are freelance and certified to put on AcroYogaDance Workshops. You must always state your name in the title of your workshop.

Training does not stop there, there is opportunity to still work with AcroYogaDance closely. With trainings in business, self development and specific training such as Hand to Hand or standing Work will be available to you.

If should you want to go on further to teach AcroYogaDance Trainings, there is also scope to do this as an assistant and potentially as a trainer. Further conversation will need to be discussed individually. Sadly you are not certified to hold AcroYogaDance Trainings such as CPD or Teacher Training.


In support,


Eugene & Pip