The Assistant Instructor Programme is a unique experience into the AcroYogaDance Family. This mentorship programme will advance your knowledge in teaching and Assisting AcroYogaDance and is a gateway to join AcroYogaDance to teach in Teacher Trainings, CPD Trainings and Workshops.

Assistant Instructors will be either:
1. local to our London or Brighton weekly classes
2. living in UK, close enough to get to London once a month but not close enough to realistically attend weekly courses/ classes.

Benefits include:
– Monthly Day Workshop 6 Hours
You can participate in the workshop as normal which will be on various AcroYogaDance content but your AIT training will also include training on various aspects of coaching and the opportunity to develop those skills .

The opportunity to train in the workshops and the opportunity to develop your teaching skills including demos, coaching, leading drills, handstand coaching, verbal and physical adjustments and more.

– Transmission from Eugene and or Pip (as appropriate)
– Drop-in to our Weekly Classes – London/Brighton
– Invitations to assist Large Scale Events/Workshops (after 3 months practice with us)
– Invitations to assist AcroYogaDance hosted Workshops & Schools.
– Private Facebook Group with support & analysis on individuals practice outside of class
– Video analysis/coaching/feedback on your handstand, drills and acro videos (priority given to long distance AI’s who we don’t see every week)
– Assistant Instructor discounts on retreats, summer schools and trainings.
– AcroYogaDance Syllabus


To apply to become an Assistant Instructor we will require you to attend either several workshops/trainings so that we can get to know you and your ability. Once we have met you, and we know your interest we hope to be able to make the Assistant Instructor Programme available to you.

Please see our workshops coming up and please email us with your interest