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AcroYogaDance is committed to providing excellence in their Teacher Training, Online Academy & Workshops accredited by Yoga Alliance Professionals. In 2018, AcroYogaDance opened UK's first dedicated AcroYoga Studio based in London Bridge, Central London.  

Our world needs more art, more dreamers, more expression, fun and fulfillment.  We aim to reconnect people to their childhood dream, sense or feeling that they would one day do something amazing and beautiful.

AcroYogaDance Academy

The Academy has gone online! Video Analysis & Courses with Expert AcroYoga Teachers to help you progress.

AcroYogaDance Teacher Training

We give you the very best tools to develop your personal practice and your ability to teach and support others.

Meet The Co-Founders

AcroYogaDance Co Founder


Eugene Butcher is co founder of acroyogadance. He was fascinated by the artistic potential of AcroYoga from the beginning, summed up by one of his favourite quotes..

'Let the beauty we love be what we do'- Rumi

Eugene's training in martial arts and yoga caused him to question the usual acroyoga approach of constantly swapping practice partners, instead he chose to develop a deeper connection by practicing with one dedicated partner.

One year later DoYouYoga.com featured an acroyogadance video

AcroYogaDance Co Founder


As an internationally recognised AcroYoga Expert, Yoga Teacher and Author, Pip has been featured on the front page of Yoga Magazine & Om Yoga Magazine. Articles in Well-being Magazines and Newspapers such as The Telegraph, highlighted as 'Mesmerising'. Being one of London's top teachers for Wanderlust, you can find Pip's 12 Week Yoga Series online with Wanderlust TV.
Pip brings the beauty of movement and exceptional quality of line to the demonstration of AcroYoga & Handstands. Pip is dedicated to inspire and help students achieve their dreams, encourage success and rise to the top of their capability by practicing AcroYogaDance.

acroyogadance teacher training

We give you the very best tools to develop your personal practice and your ability to teach and support others.

Acroyoga coaching

AcroYoga Video Analysis & Online Coaching with Expert AcroYoga Teachers to help you progress.

What Others Say


I started acroyoga in September last year after watching a short youtube video of Pip and Eugene. I found them on the internet and contacted them immediately to express my interest in their work.

I joined the Academy soon after and I'm with them ever since. At every session I'm leaving the class feeling amazed with my progress. I got to know many wonderful people. We all feel connected on a very deep level and genuinely support each other in our practice. I hope that you come and see it for yourself


Academy Student


Pip and Eugene are excellent teachers and they are committed to their students' progress and success. I joined their academy last September and I love it. My acroyoga skills and practice have improved drastically.

I can't wait to see what else Pip and Eugene have in store.

Emma Stewart 

Academy Student


I joined the Academy and this was a start of an amazing acroyoga journey with  great acroyoga teachers.

I have observed great progress not only of my own practice, but of the whole group. Hand to hand doesn't seem to be a great deal anymore and what seemed to be impossible is now a bread and butter of my practice. I got seriously addicted to acroyoga

Julie Moore

Academy Student

AcroYogaDance Academy Online

We are working with the times and have gone online! This is an exciting time for acroyoga with our step by step syllabus. This syllabus has been tried and tested with our dedicated AcroYoga studio and we are now so excited to share this with you online

Frequent Asked Questions

Are you running physical classes?

At the moment, due to the impact and constraints of COVID19 we are doing our very best to go with the times. We highly recommend to join us online with The AcroYogaDance Academy

I'm interested in The AcroYogaDance Academy, what now?

Sign up for your free acroyoga analysis first! Send us your practice video and we can then start to progress you through our tiered syllabus. If you are unsure or a complete beginner partnership please contact us

I'd like Coaching sessions, but I'm without a partner

We recommend working on your handstand practice which is a helpful practice for both base and flyer in AcroYoga. Please check Pip Elysium's Handstand course and coaching sessions.

When is your next Teacher Training?

We currently are putting together a schedule for 2021. Sign up to our mailing list to get notified.

I'm an AcroYoga Teacher already, Can I do the AcroYogaDance Training?

Yes, of course!

Do I need to be a yoga teacher, to be an AcroYogaDance Teacher?

We look at each application individually. You do need either a teaching background or movement background to help support your application.

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