AcroYogaDance Summer School is a unique learning experience whilst making friends, connections and being part of an inspiring family over the 4 days. Meet a range of students from the AYD Academy, Teacher Training and outside of the school.

29th July - 1st August (4 days in total)

Please note this Summer School is Improver/Intermediate level (Level 6+). A partner is required if specifically your chosen role is a flyer, please contact us if unsure. Please apply through the contact form below and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

We take you through an inspiring intermediate sequence and help you gain better understanding of foundations, pops, whips, hand to hand and standing acro whilst learning the Art of AcroYogaDance. The Summer School unleashes your creativity, whilst developing skill and allows space for your individual take on AcroYogaDance. We always end the summer school with a beautiful Photoshoot & Flash Mob in a fun setting.

We will be specifically looking at an inspirational sequence which covers all aspects of L Base, Pops & Whips, Movement & Dance, Hand to Hand and Standing. We give you the progressive tools and guide you through this fun journey to find success and create a AcroYogaDance that with practice will flow with great ease.

AcroYogaDance attracts like minded individuals and since we have been running the new AcroYogaDance Studio, we've had a range of uplifting individuals come through the door "We rise together by lifting others"

We progress everyone with AcroYogaDance methods of using progressive structure to be able to reach goals and sometimes we will also implement the syllabus at the summer school. Focusing on technique, training, syllabus, performance and creative.

AcroYogaDance co-founders in Brighton 2015

Total duration:   4 Days :: 11-4pm each day

5 hr each day includes break

additional PERKS:  Photoshoot & Flash Mob

Summer School Attemdee's

STRUCTURE: AcroYogaDance Syllabus level 4 - 10 & Creative Sequence

Face to Face



-Accelerate your learning & technique with Progressive Learning

-Progressive & Inspiring Intermediate Sequence by AcroYogaDance

-Washing Machines, Transitions, Pops, Whips, Hand2Hand & Standing Acro

-4 Days in total : 11-4pm each day

-Performance opportunity: Flash Mob / Photoshoot

-Become part of the AcroYogaDance growing Family

There are different approaches to AcroYoga. Our approach is AcroYogaDance is a partner yoga practice which embraces partnership and evolves into a moving meditation. AcroYogaDance is an art form, something wonderful not only the partners practicing it but also to those who witness it.

We love bringing beautiful and elegant transitions, making them simple so that with practice can evolve into stunning sequences which eventually will feel like a dance. Repetition is the mother of skill which will enable you to feel the movement and automatically respond to your partner with fluidity and grace.

With high in demand for this event, we have limited the places to only 25. 

PRE - REQS  (Fly/Base) 

Foot to hand 30 secs

Reverse Star

Side Star

Flyers - Handstand at the wall 15 secs