The AcroYogaDance Teacher Training

The Teacher Training Programme follows the AcroYogaDance Syllabus: a meticulously engineered and comprehensive set of progressions which facilitate progress from the complete beginner to advanced practioners. It's a patient journey where unfamiliar poses become elegant transitions and challenging sequences eventually flow like a moving meditation.  We give you the very best tools to develop your personal practice and your ability to teach and support others.

"While yoga explores the union of mind, body & spirit, AcroYogaDance explores the union between two people as a creative artform"


  • PRE - REQS


  • Tuition with experienced AcroYogaDance trained teachers in an intimate class setting
  • Training materials
  • Online pre-course coaching
  • Yoga Alliance Professionals recognized certificate (upon graduation)

  • AcroYogaDance Syllabus

    AcroYogaDance syllabus: a meticulously engineered and comprehensive set of progressions which facilitate progress for complete beginners to advanced practitioners.

    Online Video Analysis

    Online video analysis and coaching is included. We evaluate your progress through the syllabus and coach in detail.

    Training Materials

    Along with a comprehensive syllabus, our training materials consist of a manual which is used throughout the training and as a great guidance for teaching classes.

    Accredited Training

    With a recognised progressive syllabus, our curriculum is composed of modules organised into four key sections: The Practice, The Study, The Art, The Methodology. Accredited by Yoga Alliance Professionals

    Frequent Asked Questions

    When is the next Teacher Training?

    Sign up to our mailing list to be notified of the next AcroYogaDance Teacher Training

    I don't know the syllabus, what should I do?

    That's ok! We will be guiding you through Level 1-3 (possibly more) with online coaching once you have booked. Make sure you have someone that you can learn with.

    I don't have a partner

    Come and talk to us. We sometimes have other students on the waiting list, just eager to hear from you! We do however, encourage to find someone you can learn with before attending the training.

    Do I need to be a dancer, to do AcroYogaDance?

    Of course not! AcroYogaDance is your creative expression. Be prepared to explore movement with and without a partner.

    What Accreditation will I receive?

    Yoga Alliance Professionals

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